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Talk of the Towns: Ye Merry ol’ Holiday

I love traditions. I. Love. Them. And not just family traditions, no no no. I love cultural, and seasonal, and holiday specific traditions. Tree or minora, Jesus or Santa, Christmas Eve church service or serving the poor, people all over the world are celebrating family is a slew of different ways, and I think that’s just wonderful.

Victorian Christmas

One of my favorite little towns in this area, Nevada City, dresses up its old downtown to remind us of simpler times with their Victorian Christmas every year. Each Sunday and Wednesday throughout December, the town brings in Dickens style characters, music, carriage rides, and so much more. They are just a little bit up the mountain, so snow isn’t out of the question. Get your loved ones and hustle up the hill to experience Christmas like your great grandparents did. You won’t be sorry!

Seasonal Suessical

As much as I love being on stage, I won’t do it at the holiday season, no matter how fantastic the show. I’ve done that before, and missed every Christmas party during that season, and decided it wasn’t worth it. And let me just tell you that missing Rocklin Theatre Company do Suessical was painful to say the least. I just took my minions to go see this show last Friday, and it was spectacular. Bright vibrant colors AND actors filled the stage and auditorium. The best community theater mainstage show I’ve seen in years. You have one more weekend, so get your tickets today!

Winter Birthday Wishes

Happiest of birthdays to one of my four favorite Brazilian sisters, Maria Fernanda, my favorite admiral Josh Harper, my favorite kindergarten pal Martin Snow, my favorite little Japanese niece Chiyo, neighbor Rebecca Evans, nail lady Vanessa Stern, actress Rian Lombardo, middle school buddy Terra Kerr, my favorite motor-mouth Carla Fleming.

I love you all to pieces!!! XXOO

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