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Honest Theater Reviews: The Twelfth Night

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

So, I had the pleasure of taking my hot date out for our first experience with Shakespeare this last weekend. We all know I'm a musical theater nut, but I really don't know anything about my boy, William. Imagine my surprise when I saw a perfectly modern Hawaiian set. Turns out, his humor is quite timeless. The story is intricate, with multiple plots happening all at the same time, and a little difficult to follow... IF you didn't read the Wikipedia page about it before the show... which I did. Having a full knowledge of the plot going in made the entirety of the rest of the show enjoyable. That Shakespearean English is a mother!!!

Then there was the fun factor. They were so PHYSICALLY hysterical, you could kind of follow even without the cliff notes. The bigger the comedy, the bigger Mike Mechanick's hair got. I laughed until I cried at Stuart Eldridge's flamingo suit... then add the garters and socks... I can't even. I actually heard Cory laugh out loud, which is hard to do!!!

On the flip side, pee early and don't drink anything, because the first half is a doozy. Also, sit in row three or further back unless you want to get to first base with TJ Fassler.

All in all I would give it two thumbs up!

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