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Talk of the Towns: Auld Lang Syne

Should old acquaintance be forgot

The end of the year brings with it the excitement that one feels when a long project is finally done. Somehow each New Year feels like a new opportunity to live the life we’re supposed to be living, as if we hadn’t been doing that all along. I know this last year for our family has brought both beauty and unimaginable grief, and I know so many others who have felt the same way. So while we trek into this new season, carrying the love and grief with us, let us celebrate beautiful memories and new beginnings.

New Year, new THEATER!

Did I mention I love musical theater? I feel like sometimes I don’t tell you QUITE enough how much of my heart is full of Rodgers & Hammerstein lyrics. And so, because my love has turned borderline obsessive, we decided to start a new children’s theater here in Lincoln. Please welcome THE STAGE to our area. The Stage is the only children’s theater program in this area. Classes start next week, so sign up today!

New theater, new SHOW!

The Stage is also kicking off their new start by hosting an awesome New Year’s Eve Cabaret Show… Night of a Thousand Stars! This 20s themed night of fun will take place at the Civic Auditorium in downtown Lincoln, with childcare at Tamraloo Studios, just down the street. Literally walking distance from one location to the next. The show is tomorrow night, so round up your family, and get your tickets NOW!

Bees Knees and Birthdays

Happiest of birthdays to my old friend Casey Clay, my 2nd dad growing up Doug Miller, church buddy Denise Alves, my almost twin Amanda Jensen, wonderful Julie Baird, and the two songbirds Jennifer Belle and Rachel Songer.



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