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Talk of the Towns: THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

Thank goodness I like my house, cause I’m about to spend some real time all up in this place! This could be a real problem in an age without delivery toilet paper (thank you Simply Nutrition) or delivery groceries (thank you Amazon, Walmart, Safeway, et al). Might as well make the most of it with Harry Potter marathons, making use of our home gym, and finally finishing that book I started writing last year.

Home is where the heart (shamrock) is

Cooped up and looking for something to do? Families all around Lincoln and the surrounding areas are printing out shamrocks to display on their front window. This allows kids to “collect” them while out walking in the neighborhoods in a sort of virtual scavenger hunt. Everyone wins because you’re outside, you’re exercising, you’re alone (or with your immediate family), and you get to involve the whole community!!! Love. It.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Well not a JIG, per se, but definitely something to keep you moving! Everybody’s favorite circuit trainer, Sami Circuit, is offering free circuit workouts every single day for your kiddos. Just subscribe to his YouTube channel, and you can watch and exercise along! Working my kids out until they fall over is my favorite past time.

Take me HOME tonight

My personal favorite wine bar, Citizen Vine, is making their best effort to ensure that their employees remain employed, and that the citizens of Lincoln remain fed… and a little tipsy. They have updated their menu to include family style meals that they’ll deliver right to your house… WITH a bottle of wine. Dinner for you and your kids… WITH WINE. Did I mention there was wine? Cause there is. Give them a call and schedule your delivery today!

Sweet home celebrations

Happiest of birthday to my oldest and dearest friend in the world, Lisa Mullnix, to my favorite traveling cousin, Kim Martin, my favorite do-gooder, Michele Steeb, my neighbor, Amber Faddis, dancing extraordinaire Gino Platina, one of my favorite honorary uncles, Joe Reid, and the ever popular Anglin Baker.

I love you all!!!

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