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Talk of the Towns: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The first weekend after Thanksgiving means lots of Christmas décor, holiday music, and more than your fair share of egg nog! Hallowthanksmas is my favorite time of year, and the reasons are too myriad to list.


One of our very favorite holiday traditions is cutting down our own Christmas tree. Years ago we started this at Rapetti Farms in Placerville, but have most recently been going to Pine Valley Ranch, since we moved to the 80 corridor about eight years ago. I love the location, the family that runs it, the location… did I mention the location? Auburn is kind of my favorite. This year we bought a tree that actually fit in our house, for a change, and it smells like happiness.


Our very own Twelve Bridges Middle School will be showing two nights of The Snow White Variety Show, this Friday and Saturday only. The stars might be my children. I might be a proud stage mother. Also opening this weekend is Rocklin Community Theater’s Seussical the Musical, starring Lincoln’s very own Landon Wheeler! Get your tickets before they sell out, because Rocklin ALWAYS sells out!!!

Birthday wishes

So apparently 10 months ago is when everyone was super twitterpated, because there are a lot of birthdays this week…

Happy birthday to one of my oldest and bestest besties Suzie “Fluzie” Benson, my first other mother Mary Mullnix, my theater bestie Teresa Gold, cousin Catie Naranjo, small business crush Tami Jones, lead singer to my favorite band Andy Childs, my favorite of my brother’s friends Anna VanLoon-Evans, my first crush Sean Graham, my neighbor Genesee Rubio, my ex’s ex friend Ray Vaughn, my fellow theater lover Natalie Willman, my church friend Neva Loeb, my vintage friend Nancy Tilman, my first redhead crush Sarah Glidewell, and my favorite neighbor’s sister Darcie Mahlke.

Have a wonderful week, friends… I love you all!

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