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Talk of the Towns: Thanksgiving!

Gobble Gobble!

On the fourth Thursday of November every year we have the opportunity to really focus on what we’re grateful for. I know that I’m grateful for my exceptional family, my perfect Mayberry town, the Golden Girls level of loyalty I have with my friends, and lots of showtunes.

Harvest Season

Did I mention I love festivals? Because I do. I had the opportunity to see SF Bay Coffee Company host their first Coffee Harvest Festival this weekend. Not bad for their first attempt. I look forward to what next year’s will bring! We’re big fans of their Organic Rainforest Blend. We buy it in BULK and shoot through it like Halloween candy.

Show Season

Really, in our house, every season is show season! I’ve got peeps in McLaughlin Theatre Company’s Frozen Jr. I had peeps close Les Mes at Christian Youth Theater. We even had somebody doing Legally Blind, I don’t even know where! But if you’re looking for something to do, get some tickets to go see a show! We have SO many theaters in this area; Rocklin Theater Company, Roseville Theater Arts Academy, CYT, McLaughlin, The Stage, and on and on and on…

Birthday Season

Happiest of big birthdays this week to my auntie SHERI RASMUSSEN, the big 5-0, that’s a big deal. My favorite partner, Tamie Rogers, who is still smokin’. Julie Parra, Kim Reid, Kelly Pothier, Lisa Leftwich, Melissa Kraus, Guillermo Real, and finally MY FAVORITE cousin Jason Sotelo who turns 40 in just a few days.

I love you all!! XXOO

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