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Talk of the Towns: Painful Honesty

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

The Truth Hurts

A few years ago, when we first moved to Lincoln, we discovered in its adorable downtown, a little hole in the wall restaurant called Kim’s Country Kitchen that we really wanted to love. The prices were reasonable, the food was great, the décor was adorable… the service staff was awful. As in, acting as if waiting on you were akin to setting their own face on fire.

Fast forward to this last year, and the wife of a chippy recently reopened the restaurant under the same name, and I am FLOORED!!! The prices are similar, sizes smaller (and honestly more reasonable), and the service is SPECTACULAR!

I went a few months ago when they first opened and the entire place had a smell. I was like, do I tell them or do I just let it go. Well APPARENTLY someone told them (I hope no feelings were hurt, but it needed to be said), because the last two meals (yes I keep eating there… I’m a glutton for punishment) were just divine. Well done new staff! Can’t wait to keep eating your food until I’m so full I can’t move!

Borderline Abusive Honesty

Had the pleasure of breaking bread on Friday with a group of my peeps at the local coffee shop Citizen Grind. Now, you may not know this, but it’s the only coffee shop in my neighborhood. We have no Starbucks. We have no Pete’s. Those exist in my city in OTHER neighborhoods, but we get CG.

This might not seem like that big of a deal, but here’s the thing… I don’t drink coffee, only tea. So if your tea is crap… I pretty much have nothing. So I ordered the soy chai, which is my go-to at all coffee shops, and pretty much how I judge everyone. The last time I went (before last Friday), the owner saw me with a hot chocolate and made a comment about not drinking something with a higher octane. Ok, yes, he was making a comment about the fact that I had not made my morning drink Irish, I’m not that oblivious. But I may have taken the opportunity to let him know that his chai tasted like nothing, so I had stopped ordering it.

Anyway, long story… well, not short, but not as long as it COULD be… owner changed his chai, and now we can be friends again. Try the chai at Citizen Grind. Get it with a scone. Tell them I told you it was me!!!

Party like it’s your birthday!

Biggest and bestest birthday wishes to the great Holly Andreatta, Brian Shuck, Joel (Joely Poley Oley) Mordhorst, Jessica Ressa (the former future MIL to TBO), Shawn Bowers (my favorite spinner), Jolene Perry, my girl crush Brynne Geaslin, my theater crush Amanda Duisenburg, and my first honorary child Nic Rasmussen who will be TWENTY ONE!!!!

I frig’n love you.

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