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Talk of the Towns: On the 11th Day

On the 11th day of the 11th month…

This is when the armistice was signed by the allies and Germany at the end of WWI. It is recognized now as Veterans Day, a day to honor those who have served honorably in any branch of the military, and for any length of time. Both my grandpa’s qualify for this prestigious name, as do many other people that I love. Fortunately for them all, small places like Lincoln love to celebrate them!

Honoring Vets

Stumbled upon Quarry Park Adventures a few weeks ago, and was absolutely stunned. It’s an 80 foot deep granite quarry that has been out of service for more than 30 years. The city partnered with another company and turned it into a rock climbing, zip lining, rope course dream! THIS VETERANS DAY they are honoring all veterans and first responders by giving them 50% off! Guess where we’ll be with my favorite veteran? BTW, my favorite veteran is my grandpa…

Vintage Things

In case you didn’t know, our once a month vintage fair is back this weekend! Visit Gypsy Chic Thursday through Sunday to find something that you needed know you absolutely needed. I have found old radios from the WWI era that had been repurposed into dry bars. The creativity involved to repurpose some of this antique stuff is pretty amazing. You absolutely MUST check it out!

Vintage People

Guess whose birthday it is! Happiest of birthdays to neighbor Doug Bassett, another mother Debbie Novelo, Emily Ahnin, Kristy Lua, Jeremy Harley, Isaac Novelo, Elizabeth Finley, Nancie McLaughlin, and my father in law Clancy Faria who is 74!!!

BIGGEST HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cole Pannell who is the big 2-1 this week. Cheers from me!

I love you all! xxoo

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