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Talk of the towns: Hunting Season

Sponsor Hunting Season

I bet you didn’t know that Lincoln has its very own after school teen center called The Foundry. It’s a place where middle and high school aged kids can go to get homework help, play board games, feel safe, and just hang out. Too many of our kids come home to an empty or unsafe home, and have nowhere else to turn. Now The Foundry is filling that need, right in the Feed Building on Lincoln Blvd!

As some of you already know, I also chaired their gala last year, and helped them raise more than $30,000. To say the event was an epic success is such an understatement. The day after it was done, folks were asking how they could help… and here it is. Help us by sponsoring this event! Sponsors get a bevy of goodies, along with a nice tax break (did I mention they’re nonprofit??? Cause they are…). Contact me today! I’d love to let you know how you can help.

Record Holders

One of my favorite things about Lincoln is all the family owned small businesses on every corner. They know that giving back to the community is the best way to keep in front of everyone. There are a few small businesses around here that really show everyone up when it comes to giving back.

Simply Nutrition is the first place everyone calls when they are looking for support, because owners Shannon and Jason are so involved in the community. School, sports, clubs, WHATEVER, they are on it! I can’t remember the last time I saw an opportunity to support something and DIDN’T see their name on the list. They are my favorite.

Crawford Orthodontics is the second place people call, because they are already getting all beautified by their unbelievably talented staff, they might as well ask for some donations while they’re there, too! Have you been in their office? It’s such a well-oiled machine. Everything runs so smoothly. Efficiency at every turn. No wonder they can afford to give so much back!

Siino’s is the last shout out today. She’s not only a huge supporter events in the area like the 4th of July Fireworks fundraiser, but she’s also a HUGE supporter of her own staff. She’s been known to shut down her store, just so she can give back to the people who make her business so awesome. I’m gonna go get a side gig with her so she’ll take me with her on one of those weekends.

Birthing Season

It’s somebody’s birthday!!! Happiest of birthdays to my buddy Dave Rogers, my little friend Sara Duncan, my slightly bigger friend Kendal Seidl, and my cousins Becky Sotelo and Cole Martin. Also big happy birthdays to Bert Andersson, Meredith Mahoney, and Mo Ahmad. Last, a huge congratulations to my friend Cristina Ortenzi, my little one’s godmother, on the birth of her son Vincent Michael! Such a big, beautiful boy.

Until next time peeps… I’m out!

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