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Talk of the Towns:Doing what we have to, to stay sane

I used to be the biggest book nerd ever. My mom used to take my books away from me as punishment for, well, usually, reading when I wasn’t supposed to be. Now, I find that I have to be very strategic with the timing of when I read. The reason is, when I really get deep into a book, I stop showering, eating, sleeping, parenting, and pretty much anything else that makes me a contributing member of society. But right now, with this quarantine in place, I have finished book #1, half of book #2, and more Netflix and Prime series than I’m willing to admit.

Keeping the crazy at bay

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT compare yourself to other parents during this time. You want to play with your kids all day with DIY crafts and painting? GREAT! You want to take this time to work out together with live dance classes? WONDERFUL! You want to ignore your kids while they play on their iPads and you lay on the couch watching Netflix? I hear Tiger King is the answer to that. Whatever you choose to do, as long as most of you are alive at the end, we’ll know you did your best.

Delivering sanity any way you can

Small businesses everywhere are adapting quickly in order to keep their doors open.

Magic Mirror, a division of Fairy Godmother Events has brought their characters virtual. You can now have a personalized video chat with the character of your choice! Not bad for those littles who are missing out on birthday parties. And Lazy Dog Brewery has opened up a pop up market at their place of business to be able to continue to cater to the needs of their clients, providing essentials like milk and eggs. Then, of course, Simply Nutrition has started to sell paper towels, toilet paper, and sanitizing wipes, along with the rest of their regularly available nutritional options. Not only that, they offer delivery and curb side pick up to minimize contact! Love the small businesses in this town!!!

A moment of honesty

I just wanted to take a moment to tell all the graduates of 2020 how sorry I am. Whether you’re promoting from 8th grade, graduating High School, or getting your undergrad or graduate degree, the lack of a commencement ceremony, the parties, the dances, the works… well… that stings. It’s gonna hurt for a bit, but I promise we’ll rally, and this will get better.

You say it’s your birthday!

Happy (isolated) birthdays to my cousin Hilaree Dallimore, my actress friend Rachel Steinke, my improver Bethsaida LeBron, Joe Joe the Dogfaced boy Joe Ladner, and my favorite home-birther Tammy Glover.

Love you all!

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