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Talk of the Towns: CAUTION! Slippery roads up ahead!

We’re going into week two of this COVID19 pandemic, where the entirety of our country is quarantined. Some people are still taking their kids to the park, or out to Target, but I tend to err on the side of caution, and I’m keeping my little loin fruit home. The only time I let them run free is for walks around the block (keeping the 6ft social distance barrier), which has been easy to do since it’s been close to 70. Now that it’s going to start raining, this is going to be a mite more interesting.

Children crossing

Last week kids were walking around town “collecting” shamrock sightings to keep their walks interesting (I do believe the high number was 113!). This week it’s TEDDY BEARS! Take your kids out with custom Scavenger Hunt items they can only find in nature; coyote, deer, hummingbird, cloud shaped like Abraham Lincoln, yellow/pink/red/orange flowers, out of season holiday decorations, home gym in an open garage, family of bike riders, black labradoodle, and a creek with water.

Sale Pending

With all this HIGH alert, guess what’s DOWN??? Interest rates! You better your sweet bupkiss the first thing husband and I did this week was jump on the refi bandwagon. If your credit is good, join your local Credit Union and refi that house today! We got 3.25% on a 20year fixed, so we’re in kind of a happy place right now. Credit a little iffy? No worries, we have tons of local mortgage lenders that want your business. And I’ll tell you, NOW is the time to jump on it!


Are your kids cooped up with nothing to do? Well tell them to send me videos of themselves doing their favorite dances. They can copy things they’ve found on TikTok or YouTube or by Lin Manual Miranda. I’m not picky, just send!

Beep bop boop birthday!

Quarantined birthdays are the best kinds!! Happiest of birthday to some of my favorite thespians Abby & Angie Dixon, happy dancer Nathalee Allen, my favorite yogi Tori Turner, one of my favorite Laker Girls Sophia Reinero, my old friend Piper Jackson, my youngest’s godmother Cristina Ortenzi, and all my cousins Kristen Sitton, Suzanne Gutierrez, and Joey Foss…


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