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Talk of the Towns: Annie's Legacy

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

The hotness that is my grandma Annie, aka Lita

When I was a little girl, my grandma, Annie, used to write a gossip column (shocker) for the local paper. In it you would find everything from birth announcements to talent show winners. She talked about how well some special child had done on their report card, and congratulated some new restaurant owner on a solid first weekend. Local shows got her shout outs and reviews, from middle school to adults. She called out everyone!

She called people out by name, because she knew them by name. And they knew her. Everyone knew her. She was the city of Rohnert Park’s most loved resident, bar none. So on the one year anniversary of her passing last week, I thought, what’s the best way to keep her legacy alive? Then it came to me. A beautiful epiphany in the middle of the night! Of course, the next morning I had forgotten the epiphany, only remembering that it was really good. For the next two days my memory remained on vacay. Taunting me with brief glimpses of my own genius, then dissolving away like a puff of vape smoke. Finally about three days ago I remembered again at some obscure time, and RAN to my computer to leave myself a note. It just said, “Talk of the Towns.” I knew what I had to do…

Lincoln is a small town, very much like Rohnert Park was when I was growing up. We all know each other, and we are ALL up in each other’s business. All. Up. In. It. We share the same dentist, hairdresser, music teacher, churches, housekeeper, dance instructor, theater, chiropractor, health food stores, and anything else we can think of.

Sharing is caring:

The sharing of all things started about six years ago when I was going through Lincoln Goods and Services on Facebook and stumbled upon a woman selling her musical talent right out of her home, down the street from us. Lucky for me, because my four year old was begging daily for singing lessons, and my six year old’s piano teacher was moving. Bing bang boom, six years and about 50 family referrals later, Tamraloo has built a musical instruction empire with more than 300 students. Tamie Rogers leads the charge, and I let her run amok with my girls. Now they’re nearly ready for the Great White Way.

Future leaders of the world:

Now, that’s been happening for YEARS, but this week there is some more extraspecially exciting news. Kamryn Novelo has started her very first meet season as a level three gymnast at Empire Gymnastics. For those who don’t know Empire is the new gym that opened in Foskett by that tattooed guy from Extreme in Loomis. Anyway, Kam managed to get multiple medals INCLUDING first place on beam! Way to go, baby girl! ALSO, my little lovey Sophie Bassett was elected President of Twelve Bridges Middle School by her peers. That’s my girl. But speaking of my actual girls. The ones I literally squeezed from my loins, yeah those chicks just landed the two leads in Twelve Bridges Middle School’s Drama class play. All of these little girls are oozing with awesome.

My musical theater obsession continues:

I may not eat green eggs and ham, but I WILL be front and center for Rocklin Community Theater’s version of Suessical the Musical. Directed by the exceptionally talented Mike Mechanick of Lincoln, and starring Lincoln’s very own Landon Wheeler of My Fair Lady fame. I saw the cast list. This show is gonna be epic. I can’t wait!

Birthdays and birth days:

And finally, I know some pretty amazing people who were born in this beautiful autumnal month. Please wish the happiest of birthdays to Francesca Lane, Ron Rasmussen, Merrick Sutton, Jacob Wilbert, Andi Rasmussen, Sue Faria, Amanda Plummer, and last but certainly not least, Miss Juniper Rose Bridges, born to Carly and Dustin Bridges.

I love you all!!! I’ll see you next Monday-

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