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My deepest apologies for my extended leave of absence. The New Year took off with a bang, and my life went all catawampus on me. But I am back and ready to tell you about all the great things happening in and around this awesome town.

It’s all who you know

It’s been said that 90% of job hiring comes from direct referrals rather than cold applications. With that information in mind, and the fact that the employment field is hoppin’, you should know that our little Mayberry area boasts about billion opportunities to network with businesses just like yours. Free, paid, social media based, regional, gender specific, you name it, it exists. Take some time to click on some of these to see if you’d be interested in checking out one of these fun ways to pick up clients, employees… and new friends!

Who you know, and where they’re going

After 10 years in his last location, my good buddy Ray over at Lincoln Gun Exchange found a spectacular new opportunity next to La Piccolina in downtown Lincoln. Check out his new digs, check out some adorbs baby clothes next door, then boot scootin’ boogie your way to Double Barrel for a perfectly rounded out Lincoln evening.

Not to be outdone, Lincoln locals Ashley and Jared Campbell opened a SECOND location for their highly addictive fare at Campelli’s Pizza. Can’t wait to jump all over that Fumo BBQ (no cheese… cause I’m lactose intolerant) cause it’s my FAVE!

Who you know, and what they are supporting

Looks like just about all the cool kids in town were down to support The Foundry, Lincoln’s only after school teen center, for their 4thAnnual Gala held at the Orchard Creek Lodge. My favorite shabby chic’er, Nancy Tilford (owner of Gypsy Chic) mentioned that she loved being able to get behind a need in this town that is so pure and uncontroversial. How beautiful is that?? Love her, love her stuff, love it all! With her support and others, they made over $30k!! Not a bad night…

Who is getting older??

Happiest of birthdays this week to my mommy dearest, JoAnn Sotelo, and sweet auntie Janet Wilbert, to my bestie bestie Katie Novelo, to my brother and his strapping son Rob & Wyatt Sotelo, my former neighbors Jen Hagen, Laura Assem, and Teresa Gropp, my favorite health pusher Jason Daetwiler, my brother’s MIL Denise Davis, my favorite King Arthur Rob Hayes, and my favorite newlywed Madison Savage.

I love you guys so much…

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