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Honest Theater Reviews: West Side Story at Rocklin Community Theatre

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Oh. My. Gosh. I seriously. I don't even know where to start. I guess I start with the fact that I've seen this movie almost as many times as I've seen that Nadia made for TV movie from the 80s, which is a LOT. This is the FIFTH time I've seen it on stage, and the best by FAR. Far. So far that I can forget ever having seen it before.

I love that they presented it in the round. I loved the age appropriate casting. We sometimes forget that Romeo and Juliet are like 13 and 14. Tony and Maria aren't supposed to look like their in their 20's because they AREN'T. Tony was adorable, innocent, and broke my heart with his crooning. Maria's voice was absolutely perfect. She was equally as innocent, and just so full of love. I loved the choreography. Faithful to the original, but still unique, and SO moving. I loved the LIVE ORCHESTRA!!!

The entire youth cast, though, was led by one little beacon... my sweet little Abby Dixon as Anita. She was fierce, and hot, and passionate, and traumatized. I was literally sobbing after her "attack." She fully embodied every single emotion Anita was supposed to have. Rita Moreno would be so proud.

I laughed, I cried... like UGLY cried, and was moved by the entire presentation. As TLO said, the cast was blessed by the perfect "dream team" of Amanda Duisenberg, Brittany Cody-Bays, and Peter. Amanda, my love, you've done it again. I seriously can't even with your perfection.

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